Thank you for visiting us at watm 2022 - Madrid, spain, JUNE 21-23

Access below videos and brochures related to our systems demonstrated at this year's WATM. Thank you!

Fun Fact: More than 21% of the world’s airspace is managed with Adacel’s Aurora ATM software.


Fiji Airports
The team’s experience with Aurora

Seaflight Project

Victor Marinescu
A moment of pride

Fun fact: MaxSim Tower Simulator and Training systems lead the industry with the highest number of  installations worldwide. T


Lisa Henry
The Benefit of Air Traffic Control Simulation

Lisa Henry Air Traffic Control Simulation and raining - MaxSim experience

Ty Taylor
Training through safety

Ty Taylor - experience with MaxSim  Air Traffic Control

Benet Euler
My experience with customer support

Adacel - experience with Customer Support Team

Fun fact: REVAL “The tower’s name pays homage to its Estonian roots, its remote and virtual air traffic management capabilities, the company leading its development (Adacel) as well as its home city name – Tallinn – where this modern, leading-edge technology system was developed, yet making the connection to the Estonian heritage and history, the original city name of Tallinn - Reval.

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