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Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) around the world use the Aurora system and its advanced air traffic management capabilities to improve airspace efficiency and safety while delivering higher levels of service to airspace users. Every element of this system was meticulously designed with air traffic controllers in mind and their direct participation, as we strive to minimize their workload in the demanding air traffic control environment. 

Integrates oceanic, approach, and tower control

Adacel’s Aurora Air Traffic Management (ATM) System integrates oceanic, approach, and tower control capabilities and it is the world’s best ATM system for managing procedural airspace in a surveillance environment. The system’s philosophy allows for optimal, fuel efficient routing in procedural environment with reduced separation minima. This approach delivers better airspace efficiency and gives controllers the tools they need to provide Radar/ADS-B based surveillance separation in En-route and Approach phases of flight. Aurora ATM is without equal in the industry in terms of capability, ease of use, and ability to improve the efficiency of the airspace. And no other ATM automation system in the world can deliver the equivalent capabilities for mixed airspaces in a single system.

Aurora ATM Highlights

Aurora’s competitive advantages:

Aurora ATM 4D Profiles

4D profiles. Unique 4D-profile conflict detection capabilities together with advanced surveillance-data safety nets ensure system safety. Unlike conventional air traffic systems, which rely on surveillance data or manual methods to detect conflicts between aircraft, Aurora ATM uses highly accurate 4D flight profiles for medium-term conflict detection, long in advance of any potential loss of separation.

Aurora ATM Medium-Term Conflict Deterction (MTCD)

Medium-Term Conflict Detection (MTCD). Aurora continuously monitors longitudinal, lateral and vertical separation between flights profiles, flight profile and reserved airspace as well as flight profile and offline defined safe altitudes. The system immediately shows the conflict warnings on Electronic Flight Strips and Airspace Situation Display. 

Aurora ATM Surveillance Data Processing

Surveillance Data Processing. Aurora ATM provides enhanced integrated surveillance, including multiple radars, Multilateration (MLAT) as well as conventional and space-based ADS-B feeds processing. Adacel’s multi-surveillance tracker allows surveillance feeds in a variety of ASTERIX formats and generates surveillance system tracks.

Aurora ATM Clearances

Clearances. Adacel’s Aurora ATM system enables the controller to issue a complete range of aircraft clearances, from simple level, altitude, speed or route clearances to combined complex clearances. If the aircraft is CPDLC connected, the system automatically converts the clearance and sends it to the aircraft as an uplink CPDLC message.

Aurora ATM Short-Term Conflict Alert

Short-Term Conflict Alert (STCA). Aurora’s integrated STCA continuously monitors short-term separation of correlated and not correlated surveillance tracks. The system swiftly and automatically generates visual and audio warnings when we are about to experience short-term conflict between two aircraft, an aircraft and reserved airspace, or when an aircraft is flying below safe altitude - Minimum Safe Altitude Warning (MSAW).

Aurora ATM Control and Monitoring System

Control and Monitoring System. Aurora’s Control & Monitoring System (CMS) capabilities include presentation of the operational status of all processors, their hardware and software components, operational status of external links and services: AFTN, SITA datalink, ADS-B & MLAT, billing, Meteorological Office and Tower systems, monitoring of Aurora system components, restarting of any failed hardware or software component, and much more.

aurora's Flexibility with working positions:

Pick and choose the working positions that work best for your air traffic management environment. 

Aurora's Reliability with redundancy and failure recovery: 

To reduce the probability of system failure, Aurora ATM system architecture provides a high level of redundancy. The flight and surveillance data processing are provided by redundant servers in a master-slave communication network and an automatic switchover is available in case of failure. Aurora provides several levels of failure recovery mechanisms, from Airspace Sectorization to complete reload of the system with the operational database. In the unlikely event of total system failure, Air Traffic Controllers have immediate access to backup Electronic Flight Strips and to an independent Airspace Situation Display directly connected to the surveillance feeds.

Integrated Training System

Adacel’s MaxSim air traffic simulator training delivers a seamless transition to the real-life Aurora air traffic management system. The integrated training simulator flawlessly emulates the operational environment with advanced functionality to support the most demanding training requirements. With this training system, instructors can build and run training exercises to reach advanced and complex training levels. This training framework will enhance air traffic controllers’ self-confidence and fluency in Aurora to fully prepare them for real-life Aurora Air Traffic Management System.


Customization with support services

Once we deliver your new Aurora system, we will remain available and support you every step of the way. We stand by our product. With our extensive experience and resources, we can help you scale the system as the industry and airspace regulations evolve. You can trust us with system engineering, software development, test and verification to ensure your Aurora ATM always runs at its optimum capability to keep your airspace safe.

Aurora ATM Brochure
Aurora Air Traffic Management System Brochure


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