MaxSim is the air traffic control simulator training trusted by the FAA, NASA, the US Air Force, U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), FAA Collegiate Training Initiative (CTI) schools, civil airport authorities of Australia, Austria, Italy, Saudi Arabia, many countries in the Caribbean along with others around the world, including foreign military departments in Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Morocco and others.

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MaxSim ATC Highlights
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MaxSim’s competitive advantages:

Simulation realism for an enhanced training experience: The simulator showcases terminal, enroute, and tower tactical radar displays, electronic flight strips, flight plan lists, supplemental information displays, airfield lighting panel, weather information and NAVAID displays, air-to-ground and ATC inter/intra-facility communication voice switch systems.

Ease of use: Despite MaxSim’s complex design and extensive capabilities, the simulator is amazingly easy to use. You have an intuitive and well-structured scenario development, the option of various modes of flight operations, can create shortcuts and macro commands, and can quickly change the simulation environment by altering events, weather, and air traffic.

State-of-the-art air traffic control and simulation technology: MaxSim ATC simulator and its subsystems are fully and seamlessly integrated and interoperable, emulating air traffic controllers’ real-world ATM system: enroute domestic and international automated radar system displays, Airport Surface Detection Equipment display and runway conflict alert, wind shear alert, runway visual range, Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast and Contract (ADS-B & C), and Controller-Pilot Data Link Communication (CPDLC), and more.

High accuracy: Photo-like quality representation of the airport environment, real-world aircraft characteristics, including flight envelopes, precise airport and airspace elevations, distances and dimensions along with accurate airport surface terrain, world-leading aviation speech recognition and speech generation system. MaxSim is also used by FAA-certified colleges to train air traffic control candidates.

Impressive range of functionalities. With an extensive list of global customers and a history spanning over two decades, MaxSim was engineered to easily customize different operational conditions or situations. The simulator is successfully used in general aviation, military and by scheduled air carriers. Any IFR, VFR, or SVFR airport approaches or traffic patterns meet unique military requirements.

Broad airport and aircraft library: MaxSim’s existing library contains more than 400 real-world U.S. and international airports along with more than 1,700 military and civilian fixed-wing and rotorcraft aircraft models. An impressive database! This extensive library makes it possible for Adacel to quickly adapt MaxSim for a wide range of airports around the world, be it a small, medium, or a large airport hub.

Easy customization: You can customize MaxSim any way you wish: military or civilian operations, using jet, propeller/reciprocal or rotorcraft aircraft, ultra-light, small, large, heavy and super heavy aircraft types, a variety of ramp and airport ground vehicles, any type of airport runways layouts. Realistic day and night presentations, along with realistic weather phenomenon, obstruction of visibility, and precipitation – are all designed to provide an enhanced, highly unique and rich simulation training experience.

Versatile use. MaxSim simulator is successfully applied in academy fundamentals and to train air traffic controllers, starting at the beginner level all the way to the advanced and experienced controllers. This simulation system is equally suitable for small, large, or complex international or hub-type airport operations. You can scale and configure MaxSim for a 360-degree set-up or use it from a desktop or mobile system, which makes the simulator quite affordable.

Enhanced training and monitoring with record & playback and record-keeping capabilities: Among its other impressive capabilities, MaxSim simulator can record and playback any lessons, and the student sign-on and progress are automatically tracked. The trainer can easily filter and export simulation training results by simulator usage, scenario run, or student participation.   

peace of mind with comprehensive support

For your peace of mind, Adacel’s SimCare support program was designed to assist with your new MaxSim system every step of the way. Plus, we will work with you to customize the support to best meet your business needs. Here are some advantages with SimCare: 

So why choose MaxSim?

With MaxSim you can quickly create training simulations to specifically meet the student’s training objectives. Using MaxSim significantly reduces training program times when compared to non-simulator supported programs. As a trainer, you have complete control of the training pace or level of complexity and can easily record simulator usage and student performance. At any time, you can adjust training conditions and training personnel. And any real-world operations and procedures are faithfully simulated. Seasoned controllers report total virtual immersion within minutes of interaction in the simulator’s environment, making the transition to the real-life ATM environment a breeze. 

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