Adacel’s REVAL virtual Air Traffic Control (ATC) tower system delivers a wide spectrum of digital tower operational solutions, from consulting services to system design, development, deployment, and support, for a successful transition to virtual tower operations.

remote or onsite aerodrome operations

REVAL was built on modular, open architecture principles suitable for a variety of aerodrome operational needs, including integration with existing or new air traffic management, communication, navigation, and surveillance systems. REVAL was created to provide all the benefits of a remote tower with a more cost-effective approach.

The tower can be used remote or onsite. When used remote, this virtual ATC tower can operate independently in a one-to-one aerodrome control setting or as part of a virtual tower center.

REVAL applications and core elements

REVAL applications

REVAL core elements

REVAL’s competitive advantages:

REVAL'S additional capabilities

Based on customers’ specific needs, REVAL’s capabilities may include:

REVAL implementation process and available support services:

why choose reval

Customization with support services

Once we deliver your new REVAL Virtual ATC Tower Solution, we will remain available and support you every step of the way. We stand by our product. With our extensive experience and resources, we can help you scale the system as the industry and airspace regulations evolve. You can trust us with system engineering, software development, test and verification to ensure your REVAL Virtual ATC Tower always runs at its optimum capability to keep your airspace safe.

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