In Their Own Words:

Middle Georgia State University School of Aviation is a nationally recognized leader in aviation education and research. Air Traffic Management is one of the School's programs. Here, Air Traffic Management students work with an experienced staff, former and current air traffic controllers, who share their real-life Tower Control experience, committed to providing the best education for future air traffic controllers.

Our Adacel team visited Middle Georgia State University to learn more about its School of Aviation's Air Traffic Management Program. We sat down with Lisa Henry,  Air Traffic Management Assistant Professor and Ty Taylor, Air Traffic Control Specialist, who generously shared with us their experience at the School, how the Air Traffic Program is run, and how they use Adacel's MaxSim Air Traffic Control Tower Simulator in their curriculum. To our delight, we even got to tour the Control Tower and observe air traffic controllers work in real life. It was a great day!

Interview with Lisa Henry, Air Traffic Management Assistant Professor

Interview with Ty Taylor, Air Traffic Control Specialist

And here are some pictures from our visit

Lisa Henry, Assistant Professor, Air Traffic Management Program
Air Traffic Control Management
Air Traffic Control - Middle Georgia State University
MGSU - School of Aviation
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