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AeroDrive is an immersive training simulator exclusively designed to train airport drivers in a safe, risk-free, 3-D environment. With AeroDrive, students safely learn Part 139 requirements, can familiarize themselves with specific airport grounds, become fully proficient with airport conditions, and advance their airport safe-driving skills. 


AeroDrive training simulation benefits

This training approach is not subject to outside weather conditions; it increases operational availability of airport vehicles and decreases their ownership costs along with the need for training personnel. It also contributes to lower fuel costs and less greenhouse gas emissions. The system offers customizable training lessons as well and can be used as an additional revenue stream by our customers. 

AeroDrive Competitive Advantages

Aviation phraseology training and correct use of radio

Aviation phraseology training and correct use of radio. AeroDrive provides the necessary tools and guidance to properly obtain ATC clearance and increase airport drivers’ proficiency in communications, to start their work days with lower stress levels and new levels of confidence. 

Driving simulation - airport grounds

Airport grounds familiarization. By incorporating the replica of your specific airport in the simulation environment, the drivers can learn your airport’s infrastructure, without the pressure and stress of real-life environment. Here, they can make mistakes worry-free, learn from them and repeat training, until they thoroughly know every road, every turn, every sign, and become proficient and very comfortable with the airport’s grounds.

Airport driving simulation-enhanced awareness

Enhanced awareness and operational safety. AeroDrive can emphasize distinctive airport areas, such as runways, taxiways, and specific zones requiring specific clearance. This functionality will help increase drivers’ awareness and operational safety in real-life operations.

Airport driving simulator - learning to drive in inclement weather

Driving in day, night and inclement weather conditions. Weather is unpredictable and can greatly affect airport drivers’ work environment. With AeroDrive, airport drivers can perfect their driving skills in various, more challenging working conditions. More poise, more self-reliance, and stronger belief they can excel in their daily tasks.

Available simulation training vehicles:

AeroDrive Configuration.

So why choose AeroDrive?

AeroDrive is your gateway to setting up your airport drivers for success, to best prepare them for the ever-demanding airport grounds, reduce their day-to-day stress and airport’s operational costs while increasing efficiencies, productivity, and – most importantly – safety for everyone involved. 

AeroDrive delivers:   

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