Aerobooks is an advanced, fully integrated, cloud-based aeronautical billing system for the Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs), Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs), Airports and Airlines. A cost-efficient and comprehensive data gathering, permitting, invoicing and collection solution, Aerobooks eliminates inaccuracies, errors and delays for better revenue management. You will be impressed with how flexible, customizable, and scalable this billing system is. You can make Aerobooks your own, based on your organization size and type, then scale, configure, and customize it as your organization evolves over the years. The system’s modern layout and highly intuitive navigation elevate the user experience to a whole new level.
Cost-effective. Modern. Comprehensive.

This easy-to-use and agile system delivers a cost-effective and automated data gathering, permitting, invoicing and collection service which eliminates inaccuracies, errors and delays – all designed for better revenue management. The system also features a sleek, modern layout and a highly intuitive navigation, delivering an unprecedented superior user experience.
All-inclusive. Permitting too.

The permitting solution enables its users-airline operators and Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs) - to manage flight clearance permits. Each flight permit is generated with a unique reference number, and the operators have the flexibility to make bulk or advance permit payments via cash, e-wallet, or credit.
Higher data gathering accuracy
Higher data-gathering accuracy

Now you can be confident you are billing for all actual flights in your airspace. With higher data-gathering accuracy, you greatly reduce or eliminate the number of rejected invoices. Plus, you free yourself from the hassle of pursuing air operators for payments. Instead, with less disputes and follow-ups, you can now focus on building a better relationship with them.
Advanced. Secure. Cloud-based.

The Aerobooks system is the culmination of many years of laser-focused development and collaboration with CAAs and ANSPs to fully understand the technical and financial constraints regarding automating data processing. As a result, this advanced billing solution can help you overcome strenuous manual processes which are prone to mistakes. Aerobooks will also enable you to increase the accuracy of financial operations. This is a secure cloud-based system that is also cost-effective and highly scalable; it requires no heavy IT implementation and delivers zero downtime with nearly 100% collection record.
Fully compliant
Fully compliant.
Easier invoicing and collection.

This modern billing system makes the process of invoicing and collection easier, ensuring the electronic bills are fully compliant with the Eurocontrol Central Route Charges Office (CRCO) and IATA collection service. Delivering advanced data gathering capability, Aerobooks eliminates some major issues CAAs and ANSPs faced over the years, such as their ability to apply accurate aircraft MTOWs for each invoice. Now air operators can easily validate and pay their bills.
Effortless reporting
Effortless reporting.
All at your fingertips.

With Aerobooks, operators can quickly download invoices along with validation data, which results in significant time savings and a more streamlined process. Real time emails and dashboards notifications make it effortless to track activity and prioritize tasks. Airspace usage, traffic volumes, and economic values are easily available and can be viewed in tables or graphs. For your convenience, the data can also be downloaded in Excel, HTML, CSV or PDF.
Always a sound solution
Always a sound solution

With automatic updates, you are always using the latest version of the system. Your data is hosted on secure cloud platforms, and it is always backed up and safe. And you can access the system from any place in the world with internet connection, from your desktop computer or mobile devices, including tablets and cell phones.
Your new operational advantage
Your new operational advantage

  • Make every flight count. Bill for the actual flight
  • Easily gather and manage data
  • Get paid faster with a streamlined invoicing process
  • Be in control with real-time analytics
  • Use the system anywhere in the world