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AeroDRIVE - Airport Driver Training

Airports around the world have one consistent problem…while their skies are more secure than ever before, airport surface environments remain dangerous and challenging and are being used daily by inexperienced, under-trained vehicle operators.

Risk of Collisions on Runways

Airports have become busy transport hubs with movement areas and road layouts that are more complex than those found in the world’s largest cities. Differentiating runways and taxiways and maneuvering safely is difficult and made more challenging when surfaces are covered in snow or sleet or when operating at night or in fog. Disorientation, confusion, and inexperience can be recipes for disaster.
Adacel's Airport Driver Training
AeroDRIVE's Airport Driver Solutions

With Adacel's immersive simulation systems you can train ground personnel safely and effectively without compromising actual operations. Hands-on experience is gained in a risk-free virtual environment that builds familiarity with the airport and cements understanding of operating and communications procedures. Personnel are better prepared to recognize and avoid the hazards that lead to accidents and incidents around an airport.
AeroDRIVE Brochure
ARFF Driving Simulation Training

AeroDRIVE is a comprehensive simulator designed to train vehicle operators how to conduct their functions safely in hazardous airport environments.

The ARFF Module specifically addresses training requirements associated with aircraft rescue and firefighting operations on their home airport.
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Benefits of Simulation Training

Most accidents are attributed to poor decision making, not a lack of driving skill. Airport driver simulation training breaks the critical chain that leads to accidents. It provides the invaluable hands-on experience that improves learning retention and promotes the understanding needed to make correct decisions when it counts.